Praise for ‘Good Girls Don’t Put Out’

A really good page turner. I didn’t want the story to end.Would have liked to find out more about how life turned out for some of the main characters. The end came too soon.


I found this to be quite an interesting read, as narrated from the viewpoint of Jade. She’s the youngest daughter in a loving family and struggles with the challenges of social perception, lifestyle and trying to fit in- in both high school and college. What starts out as a friendship, an understanding between her and Tobi, opens her up to a world of what Jade terms being a “prosy” and soon enough she’s caught up in trying to sustain a lifestyle she never thought would be her’s in the beginning.
It’s also a story about friendship and the consequences of choosing friends. I loved it


I enjoyed the way the plot was built up as the story went on. I felt the end was a bit rushed and would have liked more details about what became of each character. Jade, the main character initially struggles with interacting with the opposite sex, especially her crushes. However, this soon disappears but leads her into more trials to deal with as a young student with increasing needs. Overall, it was very easy to read and descriptive enough for me to develop (very) colourful mental pictures through out the plot! I would definitely recommend it to other younger women especially in this generation. Well done!