Good girls don’t put out

“What makes you think I need the money?” I asked.

“Girls always need that little bit extra. I don’t want you to lack for anything when I’m around to give it to you,” said Emeka.

That was just what I needed – an invitation to ask for anything without having to give up something for it. I smiled.

Law student Jade has every intention of holding on to her virginity until her wedding day and lucky for her, Wale, her boyfriend, is understanding.

Jade is content with the allowance she receives from her parents, but when she meets Emeka, he seems willing to give her whatever luxury she desires with no strings attached.

Until the day Emeka blocks Jade’s number and wants nothing more to do with her. What lengths will Jade go to maintain the lifestyle she’s grown accustomed to?

This journey takes us through the decisions Jade makes, one of which might cost her her life.

*Please note that this work of fiction contains sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.


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